There are trillions of sites about IT but here are just a few:

Skills Gym
Colourful and user-friendly tutorials for software ranging from artwork and imaging packages to spreadsheet and word processing.

Think U Know
Information on Internet safety and safe surfing for young people. All hot topics about online safety are covered – including mobiles, blogging and gaming sites.

What is podcasting and how do you do it? Here you’ll find a beginner’s guide on creating and sharing your very own podcast.

Podcasting Directory for Educators
The first UK directory to list selected podcasts suitable for educational use and podcasts produced by pupils and teachers in schools.

Open University ICT Portal
All you ever wanted to know about computers but were afraid to ask. The ICT Portal is all about our future, our past and the emerging of different technologies.

The Video Game Revolution
Video games are hugely influential – they’ve changed the way we play, have altered the entertainment industry and even affected how wars are fought.

How to Keep Safe While Chatting Online
Find out about the potential dangers of using online chat services and how to stay safe.

Outlook Express in the Classroom
Join @tom as he shows you the basics of sending and receiving e-mails and how to organise your Address Book in Outlook Express.

Dance Mat Typing
Meet the gang and learn how to type. Make your way through all twelve stages and you can be a top typist.

Do I.T.
A comprehensive IT online course aimed at both the beginner and more experienced computer user.

Get Safe Online
Expert advice to protect yourself against Internet threats including viruses, spam and hackers.

My Web My Way
Do you need help in making the Web easier to use? Discover the ways you can make your software, keyboard, mouse and Web browser better suit your needs.

Key Skills: ICT
Worried about your ICT skills? Help is at hand with these step-by-step guides.

Jargon Buster!
Techno babble demystified!

ICT GCSE Interactive Learning
Project guides, theory, tips and exercises from this redesigned website.

Teach ICT
If you teach ICT, this site is full of ideas, resources and links to external sites.

A History of the Computer
Computers have their beginnings back in pre-history, starting with the humble abacus.

Be Web Aware
The Internet is a fantastic tool but there are risks. This site provides the tools and advice you need to help keep your kids safe online.

ICT across the curriculum
A useful set of PDF documents from the Standards Site designed to promote the use of ICT across the Curriculum.

Connected Earth
Follow mankind’s astonishing journey from the first telegraph message to the broadband age.

Revise Computing
Puzzled about processors? Need practise with programming? Here you’ll find project work, exam-type questions, a glossary and much more to support you through your A-level Computer Science course.

W3 Schools Web Tutorials
All the online Web-building tutorials you’ll need – from basic HTML to advanced XML, multimedia and WAP.

The exploits of hackers and how they have highlighted the Internet’s security.

Computer Arts
News, reviews, tutorials and downloads for the digital creatives and artists.

Information-packed project guides on spreadsheets, word processing, databases and Web design.

GCSE Bitesize – Information Technology
Revision exercises from the BBC.

about.com: Computing and Technology
Whatever your computer platform, and whatever software you’re using, there’s plenty of articles here to interest you.

about.com: Internet for Beginners
If e-mail or searching and navigating the Web gives you a headache, this is the place for you.

Internet Magazine
Site of the UK’s finest publication for serious Net users.

.net Magazine
Online version of the UK’s favourite Net magazine.

PC Advisor Magazine
Expert IT advice in plain English.

PC Pro Magazine
Computing in the real world with PC Pro magazine.

Personal Computer World Magazine
News, reviews and advice from the UK’s longest-running IT magazine.

HP Printsville: Creative Projects
Full of ideas for creative printing using your computer, colour printer and imagination – choose from hundreds of instant print projects.

A History of the Internet 1962-1992
The Internet timeline begins in 1962 when the world’s 10,000 computers were primitive and very expensive and continues to the early 90s when Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web.

The Teacher
A set of teaching and revision notes for GCSE Information Technology and A/AS Computing.

Museum of Web Art
Designed to educate and enlighten people to the potential of the Web medium – presented in a bright, museum-style interface.

Bare Bones: A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web
Twenty lessons and many tips on how to best use search engines to search the Web.

PowerPoint in the Classroom
This fun, eight-part tutorial shows how to use PowerPoint to present many different forms of information.

Computer Museum History Centre
Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of computing history and home to one of the largest collections of computing artifacts in the world.

Programmers Heaven
Online resource for beginner to expert programmers – covering all flavours of computer language.

Webmonkey for Kids
Lessons and projects for the next generation of Web builders.

Over 1000 pages of help, advice and plain-speaking, jargon-busting news on what you need to get the best out of the Net – whatever your level of experience.

V Myths
Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria and the implications if you believe in them.

Easter Egg Archive
Would you believe that there’s a flight simulator in Excel 97, a basketball game in Windows 95 and a raygun-wielding alien in Quark Xpress? They’re in there but you’ll never find them on your own. Here’s how to unlock the secrets hidden in scores of programs.

Building Sites
Online version of Chris Flanagan’s ‘How to Build a Web Site’ project which includes advice on constructing a site for your school.

Birth of the Modern Computer
The University of Manchester celebrates ‘Baby’s’ birthday.

British Computer Society
The BCS is for everyone concerned with Information Systems Engineering.

Educate Online
Information and links for education on the World Wide Web.

Electronic School
The Chronicle for technological change in the classroom.


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