Presentation Tools

There are many presentation tools on the web. Presentation tools are fantastic for getting the students to structure their ideas and get them across to a wider audience. Of course everyone knows about Powerpoint but there are other options…

Presentation software is very useful in all subject areas. Students are now involved in longer projects which get them working in teams. Most of these projects involve an element of presentation.


Animoto is one presentation tool that is a bit different. Students can quickly combine short text elements with photos, diagrams, video and sound. Here is a super short video which uses a couple of photos, some text and images and voila – a very short get to know us video!

Create your own video slideshow at

On-line fast and with next to no learning curve, Brinkpad will get the students creating quick but attractive presentations which they can publish online or save to their own computer.


Preziis a pretty cool presentation tool take a look at the Home Page and learn all about the variety of Web 2.0 tools out there. Here is another great one about mathematics.

There are a number of scrapbook style tools that could be used in a presentation such as ScrapBlog

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