Teaching Resources

TES Online Resources – Created by teachers for teachers.

TES Resources provides brilliant ideas for brilliant lessons. Discover over 60,000 free tried and tested classroom resources that bring your lessons to life.

Blackline masters

are teaching resource books designed for teachers and schools that include the right for certain pages to be photocopied by the purchaser. Initially started as a part-time company, R.I.C. developed over the years to become Australia’s leading publisher of blackline masters, with a reputation for providing practicaland relevant resourcesfor easy use in the classroom.

INTEL Project based Units

Fantastic collection of unit plans that promote project based learning.

Ready 2 Learn

A KS2/3 resource providing a year’s set of mini-lessons suitable for class assembly, PSHE, citizenship, RE, …

Curriculumbits.com offer free online access to a growing range of interactive multimedia e-learning teaching resources. The online teaching resource library contains educational games, quizzes, animations and videos in a variety of subjects at key stage 3 and 4 of the UK National Curriculum.

http://www.worldofteaching.com/Free Presentations in Powerpoint format for Biology Chemistry Maths English History Physics Geography Spanish PowerPoints. Great for KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 and post 16 A level lesson plans, K-12, GCSE and more. Use and alter these presentations freely or any power point template used in this presentations site for other teachers. If you have any powerpoints then please consider submitting them for other teachers to download too. It’s all about sharing and helping others.

Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online
Pre-school informCLEO (Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online) providers of broadband and learning resources for schools accross Cumbria and Lancashire.

Personal and Social Education
Guidance for everyone who delivers broad, balanced PSE in schools and colleges across Wales.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Increase effective use of the whiteboard in the classroom using this collection of interactive resources.

Oxfam Education
All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference in it.

Digital Learning Cymru
Created by a local teacher, Digital Learning Cymru has downloadable digital resources such as images, videos and sound that can be used in any way you think is appropriate for teaching children.

The KidSmart Project
A project that explores the potential for Early Years pupils to learn with, through and about ICT.

By Teachers
A collection of web sites created by teachers in the UK offering free, quality-approved teaching resources.

Global Dimension
From climate change to poverty, Global Dimension is a unique site for teaching resources that bring the world into the classroom.

NGfL Cymru
Your gateway to teaching and learning resources online. The Virtual Teacher Centre section now had a large range of colourful resources ideal for online teaching or for use on a whiteboard.

Quality Mark
The Quality Mark is about recognising minimum standards in teaching literacy and numeracy. Here you can discover more about the Award which is organised by the Basic Skills Agency.

Schools Links
Resources and educational links for Primary Teachers.

Educational and Teaching Resources from the TES
Register for free and search or browse from a huge range of teaching resources. Times Educational Supplement home page here.

Instant Display
Free downloadable posters on a wide range of subjects and topics.

Teacher’s TV
The new TV channel for everyone who works in schools.

National Whiteboard Network
This site is being developed to support all interactive whiteboard users with a wide range of resources, guidance and the opportunity to share resources.

Virtual Keyboard
Click-N-Type is an on-screen keyboard which can type into any Windows program. Different layouts are also available, e.g. a scanning keyboard.

Cool Alt Codes
Find out how to enter symbols such as î, ¾, Â (and many more) into any Windows program.

UK ICT Coordinator
Lively discussion and links to free resources and materials for the busy ICT Co-ordinator.

Free educational Web services for teachers and students, including IECC which connects classrooms seeking collaborations with other schools worldwide.

The official gateway site to the UK’s universities, colleges and research organisations.

Teacher Xpress
Thousands of links to all things educational for busy teachers.

NGfL Cymru
Provides schools in Wales with a range of bilingual educational services and resources.

Kent NGfL
Practical advice on implementing ICT in classroom teaching. Resources range from studies by teachers, to ‘help sheets’ on specific topics. Primary and Secondary sections contain further curriculum resources developed through NGfL Content Projects.

Education with Ordinance Survey
OS maps are used in support of learning at all levels from Primary to Higher Education. Here you’ll find advice on the most appropriate mapping resources for educational use.

Parents Information Network
Contains a wealth of information and advice to help parents whose children are using computers and the Internet.

Quality Teaching Resources
Designed with the busy primary teacher in mind, providing resources for all areas of the National Curriculum, literacy and numeracy strategies.

The world’s leading online education community.

Superhighway Safety
Contains both background and technical information on many aspects of Internet safety and includes sections on setting up your own web site and examples of good practice.

Intel: Innovation in Education
A resource to help you find ideas to inspire your students in science, maths, engineering and technology education.

Reports and Responses
Education reports available to download in PDF format. Also includes a link to obtain the Acrobat Reader software to view PDF files if you don’t already have it.

Teaching Inspiration
Compiled by a UK teacher for ideas, resources, worksheets, links and – above all – inspiration!

The Glass Cupboard
Devoted to the promoting and dissemination of good teaching practice. Take whatever you need and replace it with a little of your own creativity.

Spot Pages
ICT teaching ideas and resources for early years and KS1 children.

Montage Plus
The Montage project goes from strength to strength, packed with lively information and global Internet projects for education.

Swansea Bay Online Learning Partnership
Check your IT skills, refer to classroom strategies and case studies from Early Years to Secondary education.

Primary Resources
Hundreds of worksheets, activities and resources for primary school teachers.

Teaching Ideas
Plenty of ideas and resources for teachers.

Ideas, outlines and guidance for teachers who lead assembly at school.

Log IT System
A great resource for Log IT users with plenty of ideas and downloadable materials.

Education Index
A guide to education-related sites on the Web, sorted by subject and life stage.

Building Sites
Online version of Chris Flanagan’s ‘how to build a web site’ project which includes advice on constructing a site for your school.

Education World
The educator’s best friend includes a facility to safe search over 500,000 Web resources.

The UK’s biggest online teaching community features thousands of free resources, the latest news and articles on good practice.

Videoconferencing for Learning
Provides information about videoconferencing technology and instructional applications as well as resources to help you link with other videoconferencing teachers, librarians and content providers.

Create your own learning activities that you or others can play over the Internet.

The Virtual Teacher Centre
Web-based resource materials including the Curriculum IT Support (CITS) initiative, Literary Time and Lingu@NET – a virtual language centre.

National Grid for Learning
A collection of resources brought together by the UK Government to help raise standards in education and support lifelong learning.

European Schoolnet
A great tool for schools, pupils and teachers.

Materials for Teachers
Primary history, geography, English and science.

Windows on the World
School linking and the Internet.

National Literacy Strategy
Details of the strategy from the Department of Education and Skills.
KidSource Online
Pre-school information for teachers and parents.

Busy Teachers
Source materials and lesson plans.


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