Physical Education

Some ideas …

  • GPS units in orientation, as a high tech pedometer…
  • Dartfish Motion Analysis Software
    Dartfish Motion Analysis Software is being used by leading atheletes and performers worldwide and over 400 schools and colleges in the UK.
    Starting from GBP10.00 for the Basic package, the software is affordable by most schools and easily upgradeable.
  • Skimble
    Skimble, a web based service that helps you track and share your sports activities.
    Skimble is the ultimate companion for your active life. With the mission inspire active lifestyles, Skimble provides a location-based, social iPhone and web application to help you plan, track and discover activities nearby and far.
    Use Skimble to can connect with other active people and share your achievements with friends.
    Skimble will automatically remember your Personal Bests and help you monitor your progress over time.
    The EyeToy is a digital camera device for the PlayStation 2 similar to a webcam. The camera is manufactured by Logitech, although newer Eye Toys are manufactured by Nam Tai. The camera is mainly used for playing Eye Toy games developed by Sony and other companies. It also features a built in microphone. It is not intended for use as a normal PC camera, although some people have developed unofficial drivers for it.

Below are some other examples taken from the Becta site.

How to incorporate ICT into the teaching of physical education

How can you ensure that pupils are still being active in PE lessons?

Here are some examples:

1. Using a pedometer in orienteering

Pedometers are great exercise partners! As a clip-on accessory, the device counts steps, distance and speed. Some models also display heart rate or time as they count. In orienteering, they can:

  • support pupils’ self-pacing calculations
  • offer techniques for estimating distances
  • help pupils to undertake courses appropriate to their levels of skill and fitness
  • set targets to challenge pupils
  • provide opportunities for pupils to assess their learning
  • support the teaching of appropriate orienteering techniques.

And any pupil using a pedometer is being physically active!

2. Using a CD-ROM in basketball

Various commercial and free CD-ROMs are available to schools covering a range of sports and activities. They can:

  • support pupils undertaking coaching roles in lessons
  • provide a model of good technique
  • help pupils with specific needs
  • engage pupils in their learning.

For example, in a basketball lesson, the CD-ROM could be put on a laptop in a safe position in the sports hall or gymnasium. It would enable pupils who are learning a shot not only to gain coaching points, but also to see animations of how the shot should be executed. Pupils can learn at their own pace, and select and apply the information they need to progress.

3. Using video delay software in trampolining

Visual analysis systems are becoming more common in PE departments. Several now include ‘delay’ software which replays a live performance: This technology:

  • gives instant feedback
  • enables pupils to evaluate their own performances
  • provides opportunities for appropriate personal questioning
  • engages pupils, resulting in less whole class intervention.

For example, a pupil can perform a 10-bounce sequence on the trampoline and then view the whole sequence after they dismount. While they are doing this, the next pupil can be recorded and their performance watched when finished. There is no disruption to the lesson pace and the visual feedback gives pupils a better understanding of how they can improve.

4. Using a digital still camera in gymnastics

Digital still cameras are valuable tools for enabling pupils to capture and share their work – and current prices mean that they should be within the reach of all PE departments.

Consider how digital cameras:

  • allow pupils to identify and select good practices or techniques
  • help create relevant work/task cards
  • can easily be incorporated into a variety of software
  • incur no cost in discarding unsuitable pictures.

For example, in gymnastics, pupils can use digital still cameras to capture a variety of individual or partner balances. These can then be:

  • transferred onto computers for printing out or incorporating into presentation programs
  • put in a pupil’s folder on the school network.

Printing out pictures creates task cards which pupils can use in later lessons. Interactive presentations can be developed by putting photos into different software packages. These can then be used to create coaching resources, or the photos to highlight pupils’ work on the school website.

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