Google Hangout.  Google Hangout is part of the Google suite of products.  Like media:scape, Google Hangout allows collaborative meetings.  All users log in to the hangout and can see each other onscreen.  Every user can share his/her screen with the rest of the group to show documents, websites, etc.  If desired, a user can easily project the screen using a typical ceiling-mounted or tabletop projector.  Google Hangout supports up to 10 participants in a meeting.  Price: Free.

 Doceri for iPadDoceri is an iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder.  In addition to requiring a computer and projector, Doceri requires an iPad to control the main computer remotely.  All of the lesson documents can be stored on the iPad, so teachers can use their iPads in any room that has the basic software installed on a computer.  In addition, the iPad can be passed around the room for students to use it.  Price: $50 $30 for the desktop software and the iPad app is FREE!

COLLABORIZE CLASSROOM: I love It takes students to the next level of thinking a writing!

VOICETHREAD: I would have to say VoiceThread is one of the better Web 2.0 tools that I have used with students. It allows users to tell their story and collaborate with others.

CEL.LY: I adore because with it I can: collect responses to check for understanding, have students share without them having any fear that they are wrong (because they can comment without classmates know who is commenting), engage students with each other in a manner in which they are comfortable (asking them to do awkward things such as Tea Parties but without them having to walk about pretending to be someone), respond to individuals privately without classmates knowing and without sharing my personal cell phone number. Celly rocks.


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