British Library Art and Images
From the beautiful to the bizarre, explore the many ways in which visual images communicate ideas.

Art Detective
An adventure in art history.

Art and Optics

Discusses a startling new theory being advanced by world-renowned artist David Hockney that as far back as the 1420s, Master Painters in the High Tradition were deploying optical devices to render lifelike images of people and their surroundings.

TATE: Learn Online
Watch over 300 hours of video, listen to a podcast, test yourself on 60s culture and discover artists from Turner to Hirst.

Dorling Kindersley Free Clip Art

A huge range of free clip art to support class and homwork activities. Includes example projects which use the clip art.

ArtisanCam Activity Zone
Get creative with loads of online interactive activities – all the fun without the mess.

High quality resolution images of great art from around the Web, updated daily.

The Artist’s Toolkit
Explore the tools that artists use like line, colour and balance to build works of art.

British Library Art and Images
From the beautiful to the bizarre, explore the many ways in which visual images communicate ideas.

Simon Schama’s Power of Art
Eight artists, eight stories and eight of their masterpieces explored in depth.

Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939
Created from a past exhibition at the V&A Museum, the site includes activities such as designing your own Modernist poster.

Understanding Styles
Investigate the styles that charcterise each period through highlighted motifs and explanatory text.

Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
Between 1300 and 1600 the Western world was transformed by a wave of artistic and cultural innovation which shattered medieval society. This was the Renaissance.

Virtual Teachers’ Centre Cymru: Art
Lesson activities and support materials covering artists, painting and shapes.

ICT Opportunities in Art and Design
Opportunities to apply and develop pupils’ ICT capabilities through the use of ICT tools to support their learning of art and design.

Art Movements Directory
A concise reference guide to the major art movements and periods.

ABC Typography
Features the historical collection of the Virtual Museum of Typography.

iBand Clip Art
Free clip art and photo site with new images added daily. Clip Art Gallery
Choose from 100s of original clip art images – including animations.

010101: Art in Technological Times
Can a Web site be art? The Art in Technological Times exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features some of the most innovative Web and computer art. Art History
Everything you need to know about art history – and then some.

Access Art
Visually exciting online workshops based upon arts education practice in museums and galleries. A dynamic learning tool for pupils across all key stages.

Winsor and Newton
Includes sections on learning to paint, hints and tips to improve your technique and a creative resource devoted to finding new ways of using traditional materials.

Mona Lisa – Images for a Modern World
Explores the enduring fascination of the Mona Lisa, including history, homages and parodies.

The Figure Drawing Lab
Devoted to a better understanding of the elements of the human figure and how to better portray them.

From the Real to the Surreal
Drawing upon the Surrealist movement of the 1920′s, this project shows how to use everyday objects to create interesting and imaginative compositions.

A very useful search engine for finding online images of most paintings.

Encyclopedia Britannica
The complete Encyclopedia Britannica, plus related magazines, books and links to the world’s best web sites.

The Art Connection
See what’s for sale in a selection of London’s top commercial galleries. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it…..

The Artchive
Information on over 200 artists along with 2000 scans of art works. Also featured are sections on galleries, theory and criticism, and reviews of art-related CD-ROMs.

Face 2 Face – Portraits of the Past
Discover the background of people who became the inspiration for many works of art.

The Sistine Chapel
A remarkably detailed introduction to Michelangelo’s magnum opus. Click on the thumbnail pictures to fill your screen with detailed images from the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Inside Art
More adventures in art history.

A dictionary of visual art.

Art on the Net
Artists sharing their work on the Internet.

Promoting the work of living British artists.

The Age of Enlightenment
From the National Museums of France.

Art History
Art history resources on the Web


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