Business Studies

An excellent set of resources for Economics and Business.  Top notch!

Headlight: for learning in the fast lane!
FREE new business studies resources available for schools with the motor industry as the exciting backdrop.

Marketing Teacher
Free resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals.

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
Aims to promote better understanding of globalisation, world trade and economic development – including the forces, values, events and ideas that have shaped the present economic system.

British Franchise Association
Everything you need to know about franchising and how to choose the franchised business that is right for you.

Electric Money
Explore the history and transformation of money, from Money Before Computers to the E-money Revolution.

Dot Con
In the headiest days of the Internet bubble, did Wall Street betray the public’s trust?

The Basics of Business History: Top 100 Events
A list of the top 100 business events in the US that shaped the 20th century – presented from the most important to the least.

The Money Museum
A virtual museum about money and how it has affected civilisation, from antiquity to the present.

Virtual Economy
Step into the shoes of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and play in an online 11 Downing Street. Financial Planning
Huge resource on everything you need to know about currencies and worldwide markets.

The Mechanics of Inflation
Analysis of the mechanics of “the great modern government swindle known as inflation”.

The Revolutionaries
Fancy yourself as the next Bill Gates? This site looks at the inspiration behind eighteen of Silicon Valley’s top technology trailblazers – and how to avoid their early mistakes.

World Paper Money
Over 7000+ scans and information on banknotes – past and present – from around the world. If only you could print them out and spend them….

How Stocks and the Stock Market Works
Where does stock come from and why do people want to buy and sell it? An introduction to stocks and the role of stock exchanges.

History of Economic Thought
A collection of information and links on the history of economic thought from ancient times to the modern day – designed for students interested in learning about economies from a historical perspective.

Business Resource Centre
Excellent resource on starting, managing, marketing and financing a small business.

Plastic Money
All the info on credit cards, debit cards and cash cards – how they work and the technology involved.

Business Open Learning Archive
Covers business plans, analysis and profitability and much more to help with your business studies.

Encyclopedia Britannica
The complete Encyclopedia Britannica, plus related magazines, books and links to the world’s best web sites.

GCSE Bitesize – Business Studies
Revise or test your business knowledge courtesy of BBC Education.

Plain english primer on the mechanics behind the financial markets.

Political Science Resources
Gateway to relevant resources.

HM Treasury
UK Government’s financial and economic policy.

The Economist
Online edition of the weekly journal.

RGS Economics
Economics and politics suitable for A-Level.

Feature-packed resource for business and economics.

The Economics and Business Education Association
Represents teachers and lecturers of business studies and related subjects in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

BP Educational Service
An introduction to the oil business.

The Business Programme
Advice on starting a business from the BBC.


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