Library Resources

Library Literacy resources – Some lessons

Library Lessons – Annotated Bibliographies

Creating a bibliography and research tips – Creating a standard bibliography and research tips

Get more from Google – How to use advanced Google search techniques straight from the normal Google search bar.

Lesson_Taming_Wild_Wiki – How to check if a Wiki entry is reputable.

Research and how to avoid Plagiarism  Harry Potter themed lesson on how to avoid plagiarism based on the Infographic below.

Great tutorial using a graphic novel format.!  Use it in class or as a self paced tutorial. Some power points and teaching materials for presenting research skills classes.

Older version



Harry Potter Plagiarism

The Information Literacy Game comes from the University of North Carolina. It’s an online game designed to help students develop research and citation skills. information literacy game

Research 101 comes from Lycoming College. It was created to teach students how to navigate successfully around library resources. They also have a Choose Your Own Library Adventure Game.
Adventure game

Creating a book review site is a great way to get students into reading. They much prefer to know what people their own age think of a book. Here is a great article to get you inspired.


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