Swansea Schools History
A Google Groups area for teachers of History in Swansea Schools to share information and discuss topics of interest.

Life Onboard HMS Victory
An interactive insight into life onboard HMS Victory under the command of Admiral Lord Nelson.

Old Maps
Discover where you ancestors used to live at Britain’s most extensive digital historical map archive.

Atomic Archive
Explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb – a crucial turning point for all mankind.

Collect Britain
A showcase of over 90,000 images and sounds from the British Library, featuring collections, virtual exhibitions and themed tours.

Powys: A Day in the Life
This innovative digital history project explores life in Powys in 1891, and compares this with the present day. Also available in Welsh.

A Vision Of Britain Through Time
Take a look at British life between 1801 and 2001 through maps, searchable records and historical descriptions.

British Newspaper Archive
Online archive from the British Library which can be searched by title and date to display that day’s front page. Select articles on the newspaper to display a larger version which can then be read in detail.

Domesday Book
The Domesday Book is one of our earliest surviving public records. Search and download images of the pages and learn how and why it was created.

A Guide to the 20th Century
In the tradition of Channel 4′s Time Traveller’s Guides, here is a guide to the last century, covering conflicts, ideas, political movements, the arts, work and science and technology.

High Street History
Take a journey down our typical High Street and get some pointers on how to decode the history of your own town.

Education Resources for Holocaust Memorial Day
One person can make a difference. Downloadable PDF files and Word documents from the Holocaust Memorial Day site.

The Story of Janusz Korczak
An interactive Flash activity on the story of Janusz Korczak and the orphans he cared for. Part of the Holocaust Memorial Day from the TES.

History Film Archive
A film archive of twentieth century films ranging from Life in Britain to conflict in Vietnam.

The Rebecca Riots
What happened during the Rebecca Riots? A history lesson based on original documents, available in English and Welsh.

Learning Curve
The Learning Curve is a free online teaching and learning resource, following the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 3 to 5.

Swansea Heritage
Explore Swansea’s cultural heritage using materials from the Swansea Museum Service. Includes access to collections which are not on display.

The Worst Jobs in History
Find out what have been the worst jobs over the last 2000 years!

Step back in time to medieval Britain and take a virtual tour of our top 10 castles.

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
History and Art resources and activities, including a history timeline. Suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard.

Burnt Cakes
A site dedicated to better history teaching and learning. Contains lesson plans and history resources.

Queen Victoria’s Empire
Follow Queen Victoria through a lifetime of leadership and discover the people, the places and events of her reign.

The Workhouse
The workhouse often evokes the squalid world of Oliver Twist, but its story is a fascinating mix of social history, politics, economics and architecture.

Child Labour Activity
For or Against? Prepare for a Parliamentary debate on the subject of Child Labour.

Ten Generations
Discover how life in London has changed for the last ten generations of Londoners and visitors to the capital.

The Roman Empire in the First Century
Meet the emperors of Rome, read the words of Roman poets and philosophers and learn about life in the 1st Century AD.

The world’s largest directory of people, organisations and places associated with UK history.

Picture History
Digital library of high quality images illustrating more than 200 years of American history.

Discover the history of the Penllergare estate, which at its height was an outstanding example of a picturesque, romantic landscape created for the enjoyment of its owners.

Camelot Village
Sections include Heritage, Historical Roots, the Monarchy and the Tower of London.

School History
Innovative and exciting ideas for the use of ICT in secondary school history.

Angelcynn: Anglo-Saxon Living History
A living history society which aims to recreate the arts, crafts and warfare of the Anglo-Saxons.

Discover the everyday activities of the inhabitants of an Anglo-Saxon village called Wichamstow.

The Anglo-Saxons
Covers different aspects of Anglo-Saxon life: coinage, slavery, weapons – even advice for bridegrooms!

Sainsbury’s Virtual Museum
What were shops like a long time ago? Here you’ll find photographs and documentary sources on Sainsbury’s during the period 1869-1900. Also featured are sections on Victorian Britain and WWII.

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
Were the ancient games better than ours? Have we strayed from the Olympic ideal? Read and decide for yourself.

Historic Figures
Search alphabetically for biographies of the movers and shakers of history, from Prince Albert to Christopher Wren.

GCSE Bitesize – History
Revision exercises from the BBC.

About.com: British History
Part of the huge about.com web site, this section covers a wide range of British historical subjects with links to equally large about.com related sections like medieval history.

Victorian Station
A wealth of information on the Victorian era including architecture, lifestyle, arts, literature and royalty.

Explore Parliament
Much more than just the history of Parliament, this comprehensive site also covers the procedures, laws and people involved in the UK’s seat of government.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Seven Wonders were a celebration of religion, mythology, art and science and they reflect the ability of humans to change the surrounding landscape by building massive yet beautiful structures.

Huge database puts over 25,000 of the greatest lives – past and present – at your fingertips.

The British Monarchy
Features the history of the Crown, and a profile of each monarch from the Anglo-Saxon kings to today’s House of Windsor.

Ancient Sites Directory
A guide to ancient monuments throughout the UK.

War Times Journal
Massive military history site featuring collections of military despatches, memoirs and photographs and includes articles and commentary on battles, people, technology and tactics.

Devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.

The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of Hastings, fought on 14th October 1066, was an event so significant that it completely changed the course of English history. Includes the build-up and aftermath of the battle and Norman rule after 1066.

Encyclopedia Britannica
The complete Encyclopedia Britannica, plus related magazines, books and links to the world’s best web sites.

Dic Penderyn
A short history on the life and death of Richard Lewis – better known as Dic Penderyn – who was hanged in 1831 following the Merthyr Insurrection.

Pirates of the Spanish Main
If you’ve the stomach for a broadside, come aboard my pretty boys! Hundreds of links to buccaneering history, books, graphics and films.

The Black Death
Travel back 600 years to witness the spread of the plague throughout Asia and Europe – a time when many believed the end of the world had come.

The 24 Hour Museum
Funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, this is the first UK museum that exists only in cyberspace. Beautifully presented, the site provides access to artistic masterpieces, historic artefacts and information on all UK museums and art galleries.

Florence Nightingale
Information from the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.

Hyper History
3000 years of World history using an interactive combination of lifelines, timelines and maps.

Spartacus Educational
Information-packed site covering British and World history.

The Middle Ages
What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages?

The History Channel
The online version of the TV channel.

The Historical Association
For those who have a love of the past.

1492 – An Ongoing Voyage
Examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600.

Biographies of British Monarchs from Britannia.

Castles of the World
A huge database of information on castles around the globe.


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