Messenger and Blogs

Messenger – how it is used

MSN chat is a great tool to brainstorm ideas as an initial step to writing an essay.
As you can imagine, unless the students are aware of the reason for the task, and avery clear model and guidelines are given, chat sessions could rapidly disintegrate. Thus as part of the activity a video could be made to show a chat session that is initially informal, and then models the type of interchange desired.
Also reflection on the purpose of chat sessions and what the benefits would be, should always form part of the activity.
Students must set up MSN so that their chat history can be saved, retrieved, collated, and the ideas made available on the class website or blog.


Another innovative use of technology in the classroom is to have students create their own blogs.  Blogs can be used in lieu of journals, to post information researched on a given topic, or even to record and share thoughts about literature chosen for individualized reading.  Some free sites for helping you to create classroom blogs are: Gaggle, 21 Classes, Class Blogmeister and Edublogs.

Blogs are superb cross curricula tools which promote communication, literacy and really engage the students.
They can be used to discuss a project, book or event. They could also be used as an ongoing news letter reporting on what is going on in school and the community.

IT Babble’s “How to’s”

On this fantastic page, you will find Omar and Patrick’s tutorials. Some are videos, others are text, but they’re always good info. If you have a tutorial you would like to share or want us to look into, just leave a comment.


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