Seasons greetings to you all

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well it is the end of the school year and we are all filing, reporting and ticking off the last duties before we head off on holiday.

The year has brought many new tools to put some life and ICT into your learning experiences.  For some it is also the end of the school year for others you are just getting a nice break before term 2. 

If you still have a week or two to go why not book the computer lab and let the students loose on some great seaonal applications to make christmas cards, look up recipes to make for a class party, make decorations, learn about all the celebrations and what they really mean.

This site has a great page on christmas but also lists a plethora of tools for kids.

This page has a christmas webpage assignment 

Animate yourself for a unique christmas message to family and friends.  This one is so funny as you upload photos of family members and then the programme makes them dance.

Just a few ideas…  A quick search will find you many more.

All the best for the holidays



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